Monday, January 17, 2011

oooh marchesa

this is olivia wilde in marchesa at the golden globes.  omg. i. love. this. gown!!!  the fabulous-ness of it is unreal! the chocolate brown dress with the gold ombre-effect sequins was gorgeous.  absolutely breath-taking.  i do wish that olivia had worn her hair up to better showcase the gown, but aside from that, i am totally obsessed.
check out her ferosh gold spiked
louboutin booties

on a side note, i didn't watch the globes in full, but i did watch ricky gervais' opening monologue.  was it over the top?  yes.  did he cross some lines?  yes. was he offensive?  eh, i guess.  regardless, he was hilarious!  i seriously cannot understand all the controversy surrounding him as the host.  i mean, the hfpa knew exactly who they were hiring and what could come out of his mouth.  i guess at this point, they're just covering themselves because someone complained about getting their feelings hurt... boohoo.

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