Thursday, January 20, 2011

"scheiße".  that is the title of the new lady gaga song reportedly off her upcoming album born this way.  the remix of the song was debuted yesterday in paris at the mugler menswear show, for which nicola formichetti asked gaga to be the music director.  {background: gaga & formichetti, now the creative director of thierry mugler, have had a long history of collaboration.  he is the man behind many of gaga's famous looks including the origami dresses & the vintage metal armor bodysuit from her "paparazzi" video.}  anyways, the remix sounds amazing & has a dark, pulsating beat that makes me wanna dance.   i've been listening to it all morning & can't wait for the full release!  you can check it out by clicking on the link below the picture.  
"scheiße remix" (

gaga 2010, on the right
halloween 2009
now, since i just started this blog, i think it's only fair that i warn you that i have an unhealthy obsession with lady gaga.  like, little monster to the extreme.  i know all of her songs & dances by heart, i know what outfit she wore to what, i play her songs on the piano & i buy lady gaga signature items (yeah you, heartbeats).  not only that, but i watch her videos when i need a pick-me-up, fantasize constantly about meeting her, convinced hubby to let us enter our wedding reception to "just dance" & i love making my own gaga outfits to dress up like her (only on special occasions). i've never had an artist affect me the way that she has, but i guess it's because she truly is a phenomenal performer with an amazing voice, immense passion & such creative vision.  yup, 100% obsessed.

i know i sound crazy, but i warned you!  be prepared to read a lot about gaga because i think 2011 will be another huge year for mother monster.  the song "born this way" is schedule to be released on february 13 (the same day that she will be performing at the grammy's) & the album born this way is slated to drop on may 23.  needless to say, i am very excited!


  1. I love that you call her mother monster. I'm stealing that phrase. Claire and I are going to see her in April when she comes to New Orleans. Claire's sister is due like 2 days after, and I've already told Claire that if she goes into labor the day of the concert, I will have to meet everyone at the hospital later. haha. I'm NOT missing her!