Thursday, January 20, 2011

krav maga - my latest obsession

hubby and i joined krav maga worldwide last week.  we both decided that we needed a change in pace in our fitness routines & hubby decided that i would benefit from learning self-defense (ya know, in case anything ever happens).  for those who don't know, krav maga is an israeli self-defense fighting system that specializes in hand-to-hand combat while focusing on counter-attacks.  basically, it's pretty bad-ass.

i was really nervous before our first class last tuesday because i had no idea what to expect.  during class, we learned the basics: throwing punches, 'bows, and knees.  we also learned the best technique to get out of a chokehold originating from your side.  i survived the class, felt great and thoroughly enjoyed it!

we went back for round two on thursday night. there was a different instructor and o.m.g. i almost died.  he seemed so nice until he made us do sprints and every other imaginable plyometric exercise for almost 10 minutes!  at one point, hubby was so yellow that i thought he was going to throw up in the room haha.  after running through the basics again, we learned how to maneuver out of a chokehold that pinned us up against a wall.  i'm telling ya, it's all really helpful stuff!  anyways, by the end of class, i was completely exhausted.  but i felt excellent... like i could take on the world.

round three was on saturday morning.  they taught us how to turn the fight into our favor if we were pinned on the ground with the attacker on top.  not gonna lie... it was a little awkward having a stranger straddling me.  but once i got in the right mindset, i managed just fine.

due to a busy schedule & a badly busted up hand (thanks, grappling gloves), we haven't been to class since saturday.  the time off has made me realize that i am obsessed with krav maga.  the feeling i get after a class is unbeatable.  i feel confident, accomplished, and just all-around fantastic.  not to mention, the amount of stress-relief that one class provides is amazing! beating the crap out of stuff for an hour really does work!  everything we've learned readies us for realistic situations & i already feel better prepared for whatever could happen.  anyways, i cannot wait to go to class tonight.  that feeling is totally addicting and i am totally addicted.

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