Monday, January 31, 2011


oooooomg!!  henry cavill has been cast as superman for the new superman movie.  *sigh*  be still, my beating heart.  i am seriously bouncing in my chair at work and smiling to myself while concealing squeals and giggles. but who is henry cavill you ask?
yup, this guy.  he is my male obsession!!!  i first saw him in the count of monte cristo in 2002 and fell in love.  for reasons besides henry, i have watched that movie more times than i can count.  but that's a story for another time because it truly is my favorite movie ever.  anyways, he laid low for awhile with small-ish parts in tristan + isolde and stardust.  and then, i found out he was in the showtime series the tudors.  man, oh man was i excited!  yet again, a story for another time (i'm trying to stay on topic here).

back to superman.  the reboot is going to be directed by zack snyder (300, watchmen) and will be produced by... wait for it... christopher nolan!  omg, seriously!  can this get any better??!?!  as for the movie, warner bros. has stated that they will attempt to give superman a modern feel and i think they cast the perfect superman for that.  not to mention, it's about time henry finally got his big break!  he was dubbed the "unluckiest man in hollywood" as he was chosen over for the roles of batman, james bond, edward cullen, and bryan singer's superman.  anyways, i can't wait to see what they come up with.  the targeted release date for the superman is december 2012.

between now and then, i have immortals to look forward to where henry is half-naked, sweaty & sexy, the greek warrior theseus.  i'm positive it will be better than lame-o clash of the titans and i only have to wait until november 11, 2011.

on a side note, superman is hubby's favorite superhero and i'm sure he's just tickled with excitement knowing that my henry will be donning the cape & shield (insert sarcastic glare).

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  1. S-E-X-Y! He ain't got no alibi...

  2. I was so excited when I read about this on!!! I loved him in the Tudors, he was the hottest man on that show.