Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'the dark knight rises'

anyone who knows me knows that i am beyond obsessed with christopher nolan's batman films.  in particular, the dark knight.  i don't know what it is exactly about nolan's interpretations that draw me in so much.  maybe it's the darkness, or the realistic-fantasy aspect, or the excellent cast.  either way, they are amazing & i love them.  a lot.

i have been following for the past year for any rumors news about the third film.  back in october, the title was finally released... the dark knight rises.  in regards to casting for the dark knight rises, there have been rumors flying basically since the dark knight was released in theaters.  the list of actors/actresses that have been (falsely) associated with the film is ridiculously long.  in november, it was revealed that nolan was searching for a male villain & one (possibly two) female leads.  tom hardy was named the male villain and today, finally, there is closure.  the female lead has been named. the role of selina kyle will be played by none other than.... anne hathaway!
Anne Hathaway
i am very excited about this!  she is a great actress & i think she has the depth to play a part in nolan's ensemble.  {by the way, for those who don't know this, selina kyle is catwoman.}  however!  warner bros. never said whether anne would actually be playing catwoman (sneaky, sneaky).  i think anne has beautifully feline features so regardless of whether she dons a catsuit, she is a perfect choice!

as for tom hardy, he will be playing bane.  i admittedly know slim-to-none about this character.  after a little research, bane (is briefly) an escaped prisoner that became ridiculously strong after getting hopped up on drugs.  he will reportedly have to put on a good deal of sexiness muscle for the character.
Tom Hardy
in conclusion, the anticipation that i feel for this film is undescribable.  i cannot wait until july 2012!  until then, i will continue to amuse you with my obsessions over batman & company.


  1. oh my gosh!! that is awesome news. i cannot wait either!!! ahhhh!!!

  2. I totally called that cat woman would be in the next movie!! It was the comment Morgan Freeman made to Batman when talking about his suit. about his suit..It's not strong enough to withstand a dog.. "but a cat maybe" bwaaahaha! I called it BEEOTCHES!