Wednesday, January 19, 2011

britney's back

2011 will be her year!  britney's back with a chart-topping smash "hold it against me".  i am completely obsessed with this song & taking all measures possible to prevent song burn-out.  however, it's not working out too great since i can't resist dancing & jamming out in my car during my commute.
anyways, it's rumored that she will be performing at the grammy's, but nothing has been confirmed yet.  she's been hitting the studio hard & looking awesome!  my guess is that she'll be there, just hopefully, not with a disastrous performance like last time.

britney was a huge part of my life in high school and i'm crossing my fingers that this is her big comeback.  back then i had every cd, knew every song, watched every video, learned every dance... yeah, i was obsessed.  even now, i use her as workout motivation.  just check out that body!
go get 'em brit-brit!

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