Friday, February 11, 2011

panera at home

i love panera.  especially their broccoli cheese soup.  and their strawberry + other fruit salad with poppyseed dressing.  and their sandwiches.  did i mention i love panera?  well, if i feel like it's a sandwich day i usually get the frontega chicken panini.  it's really good & all the flavors work really well together.  last night, i had a girl's dinner date with my l.a. bff and i decided to try my hand at recreating the panini with my wonderful panini press.  i looked up the ingredient list on panera and picked everything up on my way home from work.  it was super easy to make & they turned out great (in my opinion)!  i even made one for hubby when he got home from work (at 10pm!) & he loved it!  the only thing i'll try differently next time is to use a thinner bread because the ratio was a little off.  or maybe i didn't put enough stuff inside... hmmm.  either way, i will be making these again!
my ill-ratioed, yet delicious frontega chicken panini

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