Wednesday, February 2, 2011

jgl love

the rumor has re-emerged that joseph gordon-levitt will reunite with christopher nolan to play a part in the dark knight rises.  sweet! this is getting so exciting!!  i loooove jgl... what an immensely talented actor! he was fantastic in inception (another film obsession of mine) and i am thrilled that he could be joining my beloved batman.

anyways, no news as to what role he might take on. previous rumors had jgl as the riddler, which nolan has said will not be a villain in his movies (maybe).  the web is abuzz with the idea of jgl reprising the role of the joker (due to his uncanny resemblance to heath ledger), but let's hope not.  that's a legacy that should be left as is.  besides, with the casting of tom hardy as bane & anne hathaway as selina kyle/catwoman, the dark knight rises already has two villains.  realistically speaking, jgl could potentially play the new da or assistant da, considering the deaths of harvey dent & rachel dawes in the dark knight.  other options include him playing a rising cop or a mobster. seriously, the possibilities are endless and he will no doubt be amazing as any character.  i just hope nolan will announce the role soon... i'm getting anxious.

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