Friday, February 11, 2011

"baby i was born this way"

it's heeeerrrrrree!  i heard "born this way" first thing this morning on my way to work.  i literally got chills as the music started.  the pulsating beat.  the vocals.  the anthemic message of self-love.  the infectious way it made me want to dance.  i admit that it took a couple listens to make me completely obsessed with it, but now i am.  totally & completely.  the count on my itunes is already at 42.  is that normal?  anyways, it's amazing!  the message is so empowering, and it's strange/lame/whatever, but i feel like this one song has already made me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.

"i'm on the right track baby i was born this way!"

** rant warning **
a lot of people are claiming that gaga ripped off madonna's "express yourself".  yes, there are obvious similarities between the two, but it's definitely not a copycat version.  i actually think of it as an homage to madonna.  seriously, the song is unique enough to be viewed as it's own hit. and honestly, how many other artists have "paid tribute" to past artists or even just used the exact same music only with different lyrics (ahem- rihanna "sos", flo rida "right round", jay-z "young forever"... etc, etc.)?  so, even if "born this way" is similar to "express yourself", who really cares?  it's already #1 in 21 countries... guess not too many people care.


  1. I downloaded the single last night! LOVE it. :) I am going to send you a photo, my friend's friend is a tattoo artist and he just did a huge Gaga tattoo on a client.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. This song is going to accompany me on my road trip today!

  2. I love it! I feel like it gets better and better with every listen. There are definitely some haters out there, but I think whenever you are as huge as GaGa people are going to try to tear you down. But, like you said...she is obliterating itunes records, so I don't think she cares about the haters.