Saturday, February 5, 2011


hubby wanted to take me on a date before he left for his business trip.  we usually do dinner dates at one of our usuals, but i wanted to switch it up.  i decided that we should go on a brunch date to a restaurant i've been dying to try for over a year.  i saw it on 'the best thing i ever ate' on food network and i knew i had to go.  the magical place i am talking about is bld restaurant.
we were lucky enough to get seated right away (it's a pretty packed place, especially for brunch).  the restaurant is what i would call 'upscale diner' style... very good vibes.  we both got mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice.  delish!  fresh-squeezed o.j. definitely made a difference in the mimosas. while sipping, i read over the menu to see what all there was, but honestly, i knew exactly what i was getting before we even got there.  blueberry ricotta pancakes.  hubby ordered the fried egg sandwich with fries. when my pancakes arrived, they smelled incredible and they were gigantic!  they were soooooooo good.  like amazing.  even life-changing.  i thought i would be able to eat both of them due to an insane krav maga morning session, but i couldn't even finish one.  i really tried though.  even thought about sitting there the rest of the afternoon just so i could finish them.  seriously, indescribably good. and the sandwich?  well, let's just say it was the best dadgum sandwich.  not the mention the fries were perfect. hubby ate every last bite, but not before i had to beg to try it.

so in summary, it was one of the best dates and probably the only one where we've walked away planning our next trip there.  i am still dreaming of the food... i feel a mild obsession coming on.  wait, i'm already obsessed.

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