Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cavill + wilde = epic

rumors are flying that the front-runner for the role of lois lane in the new superman movie is olivia wilde.  yessssssss!!!  unbelievably amazing!  i think she would be the perfect lois lane for snyder's vision of a modern superman. now, just picture it for a minute.  henry cavill & olivia wilde in a movie together.  as lovers.  the hotness of it is mind-blowing!  (i am not ashamed to admit that i have a huge girl-crush on her.)  so please, zack snyder / chris nolan, please cast olivia as lois and make ridiculously happy!
other actresses reportedly testing for the role are rachel mcadams, dianna agron, malin akerman, jessica biel, and kristen stewart.  mcadams is seriously being considered and i think she is a solid second choice for the role.  i'm not feeling glee's agron & don't really have an opinion for the other two.  and kristen stewart?  why in the world is she even being considered?  omg i will hate this movie forever if she is cast.  she is completely undeserving of sharing sexy screen time with henry.  (consciously stopping rant now.)

* update: it's been confirmed that stewart was never offered the role... whew.

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  1. please please please cast Olivia Wilde! She really would be perfect for this, and I think she deserves to be a bigger star than she is currently considered. I really truly adore her. I agree that rachel mcadams would be ok casting, but I am NOT feeling ANY of the other names listed. ESP. KSTEW!